Apple To Use New Antenna Technology With Upgraded Selfie Sensor In 2019 iPhones

Apple iPhone and the earphones

Apple is a company which is under fire for its immense failure in the past few years. The company has failed to impress people with its phones in recent times and this has given rise to the fall in sales. Apple even failed to reach its previous number of sales in China. The company had to improvise the structure and even then the stagnation was there and the company couldn’t shake it off.

That said, there are a couple of things the company needs to take care of and if they do that, then it might be better. The prices of the phone is another issue which the company needs to solve. The built quality and everything is okay to understand but there are some things the company should understand. There are other companies offering similar designs, similar features and similar performance at a price which is way less than Apple. It is something which is the company needs to take care of it.

Point being, the new Apple devices need to be price friendly and they need to be up to the mark. If the company’s designs do not fulfill the needs of the customers and the loyalists, people are going to shift to the companies that have much better offerings at a price which is nowhere near to the iPhones. That said, there are already numerous things Apple is talking about. There are going to be new antennas in iPhones and there are going to be for better connectivity.

Previously, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) was used by the company in their latest iPhones such as iPhone X, iPhone XR. However, from now on, the company is going to use modified-PI (MPI) in the latest iPhones. Apple is going to use LCP in the 5G models and will introduce MPI in the models in 2020. The engineer who was talking about this also believes that the RF performance of LCP will increase by 2020 as well.

That being said, Apple is not going to rush its iPhone 5G models until 2020 while other companies have already launched 5G phones. This year’s iPhone models are expected to get an upgraded selfie sensor with reverse wireless charging. It will be interesting to see if the company brings out a better design but the rumors will get stronger and stronger by the time we hit the right note.

The three rear cameras are rumored to come with 6.1 inches and 6.5 inch OLED display sizes.

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