Apple to manufacture iPhone X as it has started the production of iPhone 7 in India

Apple iPhone and the earphones

Apple in India is seen as a luxury company. Most people in India cannot afford Apple products. It may be anything ranging from earphones, iPods to the all expensive iPhones, everything that is Apple in India, is luxury. The reason behind this is the prices. Indian people have to pay almost thrice the price the customers in the US have to pay. This is the reason the sales have declined in the sub-continent.

There is another reason the sales have declined, there are Chinese companies which are offering almost similar features with quality in a price range that is lesser in every way possible. People are shifting focus from iPhones to Samsung and OnePlus devices in India. Not to forget, Xiaomi, which has also created havoc in the sub INR 20,000 price range. That being said, Apple is trying to slash prices but not on its premium phones.

Apple, a day or two ago, announced that it is now producing iPhone 7 in India. The manufacturing partner Wistron is going to produce the iPhone 7 in India and this slashes the price of the phone by a mile. Until now the company was only manufacturing iPhone 6s and iPhone SE in India. These phones increased the sales of the company but not by much. The phones are too old and a newer version needed a price-cut.

That being said, the company spokesperson did say that the company’s decision to produce iPhone 7 in India is proof that the Cupertino-based company is serious about the sub-continent country. There are various things in India. The spokesperson while talking to the media said, “We are proud to be producing iPhone 7 in Bengaluru for our local customers, furthering our long term commitment in India.” The phone is going to be produced in Bangalore.

Wistron is going to manufacture iPhone 7 and Foxconn Technology Group, a company from China is just a few weeks away from starting iPhone X range production in India. This might change the game for Apple as the prices might go down by a lot if the phones are produced in India. Apple only has around 2.5% market share in the country when it comes to smartphones. The majority of the share, as mentioned before, has been lost to Samsung, OnePlus and even Xiaomi to some extent.

This step of producing iPhones in India is an excellent way to show the loyalists that the company is looking at India positively. This will gain the trust of many fans that have lost it in the recent past. Apple also has a huge task of coming up with a phone that beats the Samsung S10. It will be hard but Apple has always done its thing and the latest iPhone needs to be something out of the ordinary as the last few phones have been pretty much the same.

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