Apple to introduce 3D cameras in iPhone 2020

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Apple is the trendsetter of the world for smartphones. It has made a lot of groundbreaking inventions and those inventions are the reason why we have a smartphone in our hands today. The iPhone was the first ever smartphone the world saw if we overlook the Simon, created by IBM in 1992 as it was not commercially viable. The iPhone, on the other hand, was just magnificent to look at, even in today’s world, it is acceptable.

One might remember the legendary launch of the iPhone when Steve Jobs repeatedly said three words ‘iPod, Phone, internet’ and then the logos on the big screen combined to form an iPhone. It was outstanding to look at the iPhone back then. People just flooded the iPhone with love after that. It was a touch screen, it was easy, it had a camera and it was a revolution. Every iPhone after that launch was one of the best in the world. The iPhone launches were the ones people all over the world looked forward to. The company was at its peak and owning an iPhone was like having a mini computer in your pockets; you could do everything.

Then came the post Jobs era; when everything kind of stabilized and the designs became repetitive and the fan base started becoming impatient. The iPhones are really not the phones people really look forward to nowadays, this is largely due to the disappointing last few years. However, this might change with if the current rumors are true.

Apple has not necessarily made some popular decisions in the recent past, they had taken out the fingerprint scanner, the headphone jack and what not. However, the fingerprint scanner is rumored to be back for the 2019 iPhone. It is known as the on-screen touch ID which is just another name for an in-display fingerprint scanner. The other significant change is the c-type charging port which will be in place and the lightning port will not be there anymore.

That said, these are the 2019 rumors, there are some rumors out about the iPhones in 2020. The iPhones in 2020 are going to be way bigger and way better than the current ones. That is because those phones are going to hone 3D cameras. Yes, this could be huge for the world of augmented reality. Augmented reality could be a major thing in smartphones as iPhones, even if they are not as popular, are still the trendsetters; the notch is a great example of the same.

There are further reports 3D camera might be able to take in and reconstruct surroundings up to 15 feet. This will also be a major uplift as the current face ID works up to 50 centimeters. The camera in iPhone 2020 will use laser scanner instead of dot projector which is currently employed in the phones.

-Unmesh Phule

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