Apple Taking Indian Students To Next Level With App-accelerator

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Apple is a company which is getting a lot of hatred for its price in India. Not everyone can afford an Apple device as it is priced in the higher range. Although the company has a lot of other services which it does without being in the news much. Just like Google give budding coders opportunity to develop their own applications in any which way, Apple also has its ways of doing the same.

Young coders are where the company has its eyes on. It has different ideologies as compared to the other major giants as it is preparing the young generation and exposing them to the groundbreaking technologies early. The company takes special initiatives in India and then gives some of the student’s scholarships to learn the language and understand the right ways of coding.

The company has taken different routes to teach the students with the help of its App-Accelerator program. The Cupertino based company is trying to do the same by going into schools and colleges all over India.

There are different ways to deal with such kind of initiatives and Apple does it extremely well. Tim Cook, CEO of the Cupertino giant says that the students not only learn to code via these scholarships and programs but also learn a lot of other things like values and the difference between good and the bad. To understand the extent of this program, Economic Times hunted down some of the students who are beneficiaries of the program developed by Apple.

The different kind of Star Kids

There are students who take up their passion at a very young age and some of them just know that it is all they want to do. Such kids are targeted by Apple for their program. The kids are phenomenal and already have their applications listed on the App Store. Some students are even CEOs of their company. ET tracked down some of the students to know how it feels to work with Apple and their way of working with the kids.

Ashwath Prasanna is a 13-year-old kid who has five apps on the App Store is excited for the conference in San Jose next month. He said that he was happy with the Swift Playgrounds program and told what he loves. He told ET, “Swift Playgrounds helped me understand how to build apps that solved a problem. It’s easy and fun and I basically taught myself,”

Jay Firke talked to IANS about the same. He said that he wants to learn more and more about ARKit 2 and other Apple technologies. He also said that he is excited for the Worldwide Developers Conference in California, San Jose.

He said, “After I got admission in the Macro Vision Academy (Apple Distinguished School) in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh for Grade 11, I continued my iOS app development. “I am currently working on an e-portfolio app wherein class teachers can fill the students’ report about his or her skills and educational topics. The app currently works on my school Wi-Fi.”

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