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Apple send Facebook HQ a little parting gift as they revoke their license

Social Media Apps by Facebook

Facebook has had a scandalous couple of years. They have had to deal with things no company would like to go through. The company still has a strong hold over social media even after breaching data and selling it for the sake of money. Countries all over the world have become wary of Facebook and the threat it possesses. European Union have drafted GDPR, India have asked for data localization, Australia and other countries are also getting big on these things, all of this is happening because of one scandal that took place. The reparations of that scandal were also paid by Google and Twitter as they were also summoned by the lawmakers.

That said, the company is once again in trouble and this time they had to go through all the mess. This time around they fooled around with Apple. Facebook, not so surprisingly found a loophole in Apple’s rulebook which banned a certain kind of harvesting of data and gathers which apps were installed on the phones of a user. However, Facebook breached their agreement anyway. Facebook Research, this is an application which the company paid the users to use. They even paid 13-year-old kids to use their application.

This helped Facebook route the iPhone traffic through the company’s server. This was built using Enterprise Developer Certificate (EDC) which is given by Apple. Now the company after breaching the agreement have revoked the license and this has created a ruckus in Menlo Park where Facebook HQ is based. This license revokes disabled all the employee only iOS applications. Apparently, there were many applications that were developed under EDC and this disabled every application all over the HQ and not only this some employees weren’t able to access their TVs because of this.

Apple was absolutely angered with this behavior as they did not want to compromise the data of their users. The Facebook employees had to download iOS applications from the store to help their devices get back on. Some of them weren’t able to read the menus in the cafeteria while applications like Ride, used for booking taxis also failed. This has led to a lot of problems in the campus.

The problem doesn’t end here, the test version applications of Facebook and Instagram which were distributed amongst the majority of the employees, also stopped working. This stopped critical work of the employees and has halted a lot of other things. This is a huge setback for the company and now they will have to find a way back to get into their existing structures and the re-license their applications.

-Unmesh Phule

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