Apple News+ a bane rather than a boon for news publishers

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Apple recently launched a bunch of products that weren’t iPhones or iPads or MacBooks but were some services. After failing in the smartphone market, Apple has entered some of the most exploited and profitable markets around the world. All the marketplaces Apple has entered has a lot of competitors. However, Apple being Apple, it does not need to cater to any of them.

The Cupertino-based company already has a lot of users, 1.4 billion to put a number on that. Such a huge user base is only going to disrupt the market for Apple as the products they have launched go beyond the Apple ecosystem. That said, there is a problem with one of the products the company has launched. The company has launched Apple News+ which is going to be a news hub of just any other kind.

However, this news hub is a bit different from others. Apple News+ will have articles crawling from the best of the best news publishers. There are around 300+ news publishers that will jump at this opportunity as Apple provides something all the publishers can die for; readers. However, a user will get around 300+ news publishers and there articles to read in one app and at a monthly rate of $10. This might just end careers as no one will buy the magazines or the newspapers or subscribe to the publisher.

Why would you subscribe to a publisher when you can read everything on the News+ app from Apple? It is a simple thought process and if a publisher signs a contract with Apple in need of eyeballs, it is not promised at all. Suppose the publisher’s articles are based on words and research and images has little to do with it but Apple wants articles that have images to at the moment, then that publisher’s article will get buried within the posts of other 300+ news publishers.

Everything that looks like a moon from afar is not always bright. Suppose a publisher and it’s rival both have Apple contracts and the tech giant decides to just prefer the rival’s content more, then it will be a killer blow. This will be a problem for the publisher. Also, News+ might just totally image driven app, the news articles might get buried far below all this getting far fewer eyeballs than promised.

Facebook did the same and all the publishers were left to rot when it happened. This is just another Facebook-like scenario. Publishers are jumping at the opportunity right now but there might be a future problem which people need to understand. This can be compared to the music industry which crashed because of iTunes.

There was a time when people bought an album for $16 and then the merchandise if they loved the song. However, iTunes offered this for $0.99 where every artist was featuring and then people fell in love with the tech giant instead of the artist. This sent the entire music industry into ice. News+ is on the same track on that of iTunes and publishers need to be wary of the same.


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