Apple moves 200 of its employees from their autonomous cars project ‘Titan’

Apple to enter the smart home sector as soon as possible

Apple is in a turmoil right now. Their stock is dropping by the minute and they have already lost around $300 billion. Tim Cook came out and said that the shares might drop even more as the company is trying to figure out a way through this mess. The company’s stagnation in the markets around the world might have caused this downfall as they slipped down to number four in the largest company race.

That said, Apple is looking elsewhere apart from its huge smartphone business. The smartphone business has not seen any kind of evolution just like their smartphones. They feel the same for the last few years. The company has now, therefore, moved its focus, not entirely to a field which going to take everyone by storm in the coming years. The autonomous cars or the self-driving cars is where Apple is focusing. They have snatched some high profile employees from Tesla and other companies related to this industry and have done it with some grace.

Doug Field, the engineering vice president of Tesla was roped in by Apple. He was appointed as the lead to develop the autonomous cars’ project which is titled as ‘Titan’ by the US-based company. In the month of May in 2018, Apple had 55 self-driving cars with 83 drivers and had second highest cars in California behind General Motor’s Cruise which had 104 cars. The Apple’s self-driving program consists of the LIDAR system and some radar sensors which are hooked up on Lexus RX450h SUVs.

That said, after such achievement in 2018, Apple has made a harsh decision over the project and people working on it. The company has asked around 200 people to leave the project Titan and join elsewhere. The Cupertino-based electronics giant said that the project had some amazing people working on it. The talent on offer was huge and their services were needed elsewhere. They are not exactly fired but are moved to different projects across the company.

Apple also said that its autonomous cars project is the most ambitious project the company has ever taken up. It was working on it before anyone else but had given up on it not a long bang. Apple was talking to CNBC when it told everyone that people working on Titan are extremely talented and associated with the project since its inception. The spokesperson also said that the groups are moved to other projects where Machine Learning is being processed and developed. They will provide their invaluable services to those projects from now one.

-Unmesh Phule

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