Apple iPhone & MacBook are still popular in India

Apple Desktop, Tablet, Bluetooth Keyboard and Laptop on a table


The first American company to surpass the $1 trillion mark, Apple is a household name. Its popularity has reached new heights each year. It has revolutionized the technology sector in more than one way. The iPhones and MacBooks are considered the standard in the smartphone and laptop markets respectively.

Technology has made human life simple beyond expectation. It has enabled humans to perform tasks, which were unimaginable before and thus technology has been a major developmental force, especially in recent history.

Smartphones are the technology among all others that according to many is the most revolutionary. It allowed people to connect instantly over thousands of miles, click pictures, consume media and so on; all on the go. Apple was the proponent of smartphones for the people and soon it became the crown prince of the market.


Apple became a luxury lifestyle brand

Apple has set the standards for the technology world for a long time now. The American giant is less of technology brands and more of a lifestyle brand. Apple products are masterpieces in terms of technology and design. However, a huge number of people who own an Apple product do so because of it being a status symbol. The company is synonymous with luxury and a high standard of living. India has been a huge market for Apple since its inception.

The demand for Apple products has always been high in India. The only major hurdle the company faces is its pricing as compared to other brands. Although the products are of high quality, the price is so high that it drives away many customers. This does not decrease the desire of people to purchase an Apple product.


Market’s perception of the Apple brand

Market Trends Research Foundation carried out research in India to understand the usage patterns and future trends of Indian smartphone users. The report suggested that although more people are currently using Xiaomi and Samsung brands, most of the desire to own an iPhone. Interestingly, the subjects with a fairly low monthly income also tend to have a desire to own an iPhone. OnePlus is a revolutionary brand that changed the premium smartphones sector as they started offering flagships at half the price of its competitors. The demand for OnePlus has grown rapidly in the market and that has taken a toll on Apple’s market share as well as its wow factor. However, the desire is not at all low among Indian consumers.



The laptop is another device that most of the professionals in India or even across the world are stuck to for the most part of their day. This makes the product an important part of many people’s lives. This creates a sense of need for the users to own a product that is not only a good performer but also makes you feel comfortable.

The modern jobs require most employees to spend over 9 hours of their days in front of a laptop. There are various kinds of work and most of them are done on a laptop. This makes the laptop the major tool for earning a living and thus people want their tool to be sturdy and sharp at all times.

Apple has gained popularity for many reasons as mentioned before. However, another reason is the longevity of its products. The software is so highly optimized that it seldom slows down even after a couple of years and it also gets timely updates that gradually speed up the machines. Moreover, these laptops are built like a tank out of metals. This makes the product very sturdy that can last way longer than other brand’s plastic body laptops.


Apple Ecosystem

It has become a standard for most people to invest in an Apple product not just for performance but to maintain a standard in the society, among the peers, friends and family. Many users are addicted to the Apple ecosystem, which they claim to be the best in the world. The smoothness that one gets out of an Apple product is just beyond this world. It has been noticed that the brand that creates software, generally works the best with its own hardware if available. For instance, Google’s Pixels are considered one of the best smartphones in the Android ecosystem because the hardware and the software are both manufactured by only one company, Google. However, other brands take Android from Google. In the case of Apple’s iPhones and MacBooks, the software and hardware are in-house for the brand. This creates a smooth functioning.

Most of the creators such as musicians, photographers, filmmakers, writers and people in the creative industry prefer Macbooks to other products due to the seamless interface, smooth OS, top class performance and the sheer fashion quotient of the products.

India has always been a very price sensitive market and it becomes necessary for the electronics brands to offer products in accordance with the market demands. Apple’s popularity as the most expensive brand in the world seemed to have gone against the general tendency of the Indian market. India, despite being a price sensitive market is one of the largest markets for Apple in terms of both iPhones and MacBooks. The smartphone market has seen some disruptors such as Xiaomi and OnePlus but there has been no one in the laptop industry to challenge the position of Apple.



Indians’ desire for the brand has not diminished even after a decade of its presence in the market. The market is certainly changing and the brand needs to keep up with the changes but there is little threat to the company’s laptops. However, the smartphone market is in for a complete overhaul and the brand needs to up their game to compete with the brands such as OnePlus and Samsung. The sales have dipped significantly for their smartphones in recent years.

It will be interesting to see how the market reacts when new and equally desirable products are released by some premium brand other than Apple. Will consumers’ loyalty trump over their sense of value for money.

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