Apple ignores the entire Android community as it doesn’t launch its TV app on the platform

Apple to enter the smart home sector as soon as possible

Apple is one of the world’s leading tech company. It has created some groundbreaking devices and the smartphones we use today are the predecessors of Steve Jobs vision. The company has been one of the leading organizations in the world. It has given us some stellar devices over the last decade or so. Some of the features iOS has are just mindboggling. The Apple ecosystem is also a world beater. The only problem lies at this moment is that the market for devices, any kind of devices is saturated.

This has made Apple take some unreliable decisions. These decisions have led the company to some of the decisions which might not go down well with the company. That said, the Cupertino-based company has launched TV app which goes in line with the OTT platforms but is a bit different. It is an application which allows people to see channels they want to and instead of subscribing to the entire application, the company will have subscriptions plans for channels like HBO, ABC and so on.

This service, however, is only available for the iOS-based devices and the app will not be available on any other platform including Android. The company will have to understand the losses it is going to incur. This is because the TV app is going to be launched in 100 countries and Android as a platform has been ignored. This is a bummer for Android users but Apple is literally ignoring millions of users outside of the US. Android is used by way more people than the iOS and the use of the app would have been huge as Android has a lot of paying customers.

However, this might have a lot to do with its rivalry with Google. Apple might have another way for Android users to get this service as the company has avoided dealing with Google in any way. That said, we can take the example of Netflix. Netflix is used on the phones only by 10% of people while PCs is 15% and tablets 5%, the majority of people watch Netflix on the TV and that is around 70%.

Apple might have studied this as if it can ignore the 10% of phone users then it might be a big deal. This is a calculated risk but it is a huge risk. There are many android TVs out there as well. This can be said because Apple Music is available for Android as people stream music on their phones. This tells us that Apple has thought this through but this risk might just have a huge backlash.

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