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Apple HomePod Mini Users Having Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Some Apple HomePod mini users are reporting Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the smart speaker, and the current solution suggested doesn’t appear to be a permanent fix. The HomePod mini was announced in October, and it went on sale globally in November, including many Asian markets, where it is priced as a mid-range product. A smaller and more affordable version of the HomePod launched in 2018, the HomePod mini uses Apple’s Siri voice assistant. Various smart speaker features, including music streaming and personalized responses, are supported. Users have been sharing their problems on Apple’s Support Forum.

The Wi-Fi connectivity issues, reported by 9to5Mac have been detailed both on the company’s official support forum, as well as through posts on Reddit. Following the troubleshooting steps, which suggest either rebooting or resetting the speaker, only fixes the issue temporarily after which the connectivity issue reappears.

Users on Reddit are stating that the issue is limited to the HomePod mini, while other HomePod devices in the same household and connected to the same Wi-Fi connection are working fine. When the speaker is controlled directly to stream music, there appears to be no problem; the error only comes up with voice commands with the HomePod mini not responding to questions or requests posed to Siri.

One of the users posted the experience with the smart speaker, “I am having issues with HomePod mini not connecting to the internet. My other HomePods have no issue when I ask a question etc. But when I ask one or both of the HomePod mini’s it says ” I am having trouble connecting to the internet.”

The lack of an official fix will be worrying for now, and a user comment on the forum suggests that Apple’s support staff also don’t seem to have a solution for the problem yet. It’s likely that this will need a firmware update to fix, but Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue yet. At the moment, the only fix appears to be the temporary one, where rebooting the device makes it functional for a few hours.

The Apple HomePod mini takes on competition from Google and Amazon in the smart speaker space, including integration with other Apple devices, personalized responses and updates, multi-room audio, stereo pairing with two HomePod devices, and Intercom, which lets users send messages between various compatible devices. The HomePod mini is on sale now in India and is available in two colors — space grey and white.

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