Apple hire Sam Jadallah, an ex-Microsoft executive to lead its smart home segment

Apple to enter the smart home sector as soon as possible

Apple has been trying to get back on track after its recent slide down the pecking order. It lost billions of dollars within a week and although there has been significant recovery, the company is struggling to stay to its roots. Apple is basically struggling to be Apple as it is costing the company a lot of things. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also talked about how the company and its downfall in many countries including China and India.

Apple recently lost to OnePlus in India. OnePlus became the best premium smartphone seller in the country. That said, the American mammoth has hands in a lot of businesses. It has recently made entry into the smart home industry. Smart Home is an industry which is as big as an ocean. There are many companies in the smart home industry and there are many small companies only exploiting the smart home industry.

That said, Apple has a couple of products in the market that fall in the smart home category. It has a software solution which goes by the name of HomeKit, it is used to connect all the devices which are necessarily Apple. The other is HomePod, which is a smart speaker and works on the lines of Alexa or HomeHub powered by Google. HomePod, however, does not contribute to a large number of a market. The market is dominated by the likes of Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Apple, to get a stronghold into this market have hired ex Microsoft Vice-President, Sam Jadallah. The former Microsoft man was working on a startup till January 2018 until it shuttered. His LinkedIn profile now says that he is working for Apple for a ‘home’ project. He will be leading the team and trying to get the best of the giant American company.

Apple, recently acquired Pullstring to strengthen Siri. This was an announcement that it is trying to make Siri the best voice assistant again. It has also made some moves so that it could tackle Alexa which is developed by Amazon. The companies will go toe to toe if Apple manages to introduce a line of products in the ‘home’ category of businesses.

That said, the company has made no announcement yet of Sam Jadallah’s hiring. It has been tight-lipped while talking about it and so has been Sam. The ex-Microsoft man was running a startup named Otto which was basically a smart-lock startup. The startup shuttered in January and given the man’s expertise in this segment, Apple might introduce devices that would allow people to stay connected with the house even when they are away from it.

-Unmesh Phule

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