Apple hire ex-Microsoft and Tesla employee to design UI for autonomous cars

Apple to enter the smart home sector as soon as possible

Apple is a company which is always in the news for one reason or another. Their products are world-renowned and their new launches are the most awaited things in the tech world. The rumors before the launch, the specs sheet, the new additions and of course, the design are the most sought after things. The tech geeks are always looking to find new features the smartphone company is up to and they are tracking every move of Apple for the same.

Talking about design, Apple has always been one of the best product designers in the world. It has managed to create products which are aesthetically elegant. Since its Steve Jobs days, the company made products which were good on the inside and even better on the outside. The Apple products of any line have always been trendsetters. Right from Apple’s yesteryear computer Apple 2 to the brand new iPhone Xs max, the design has always been brilliant. All the other companies have followed Apple in design if not for anything else.

Apple, however, was rumored to be interested in the car market, not just any car market but the Autonomous Car market. A few years back they had hired an entire team to work on actual cars just to shut it down later. This sparked new rumors back then and the autonomous cars and Apple were mentioned time and again. The rumors, with time, faded into the oblivion as there was no development in that department.

That said, Andrew Kim, a designer, previously for Microsoft, recently for Tesla was hired by Apple. His Instagram and LinkedIn popped up with Apple’s logo and captions claiming that the famous designer is going to work with Apple from December of this year. Andrew was hired by Microsoft after his redesign of Slate design language went viral. He worked with Microsoft on many projects out of which Windows 10 user interface was the most prominent one.

He then shifted to Tesla and has worked on models like Roadster V2, Model 3, X, S, and also Y. And, to add to the spice, he has played a pivotal role in Tesla’s driverless cars. This news has riled up all the tech-savvy people around the world. The rumors about self-driven cars are back and Apple has not commented on the same.

However, there are birds chirping about it and it is believed that Apple is not interested in making self-driven cars but they are very much interested in creating software for the same. Andrew Kim can be a huge clue in this jigsaw puzzle. Kim, having worked on both software design with Microsoft and car designs with Tesla might be hired to work on software which will help the autonomous car makers.

This news was fuelled by hiring the Chief Vehicle Engineer of Tesla, Doug Field. Doug’s was hired months ago Kim was hired and now everything is making sense. Apple is trying to use Kim for the UI of the software they are making for driverless cars and Doug can help with the hardware required for the same. These are not the only Tesla people at Apple, it is understood that they have hired a lot of ex-Tesla employees in August.

These are exciting times of loyal Apple fans as their rumored dream car project; Project Titan might have gained some pace with this. Project Titan was realized back in 2014 and is still in the back of the heads of many fans. Titan might be the first Apple car and might hit the roads by 2024, however, the high profile hiring of Andrew Kim and Doug Field might have nothing to do with this.

– Unmesh Phule

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