Apple has shifted its focus for the first time since its inception and here is why

Apple iOS

Apple recently launched multiple apps for multiple functions and this was because of the failure in the phone market. Apple has entered a crowded marketplace with a lot of competitors. Although competition for Apple is only hypothetical as it operates on a whole different level. The company has entered the news sharing business along with its TV app which has to fall in line with the OTT platform in some way or the other.

However, it has picked up a fight with some of the best in the industry. Apple out of nowhere has just increased the angle of its business in many ways. This is not what the company is known for and many analysts have blamed the declining smartphone sales for the same. It has launched a credit card and entered the payments business. It has launched the news app with News+ and is now raring to conquer the news sharing business.

The company has also entered the TV business and has brought along some stars as well. It is going to launch its TV app. This will make the company fight with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and when it comes to news it will be Facebook. None of these companies are young or broke, they have a lot of money and experience. It will be an invasion of space and it will surely feel like it. Although Apple is only launching the platform for iOS users, there are still 1.4 billion of them around the world.

The thing about this is that Steve Jobs made the company focus. It made Apple look in one direction and inspire people to follow the lead. However, the focus is now being shifted to 100 other things. Enderle talks about the same as well. He said while talking to the press, “This is an awful lot of breadth really quickly for a company that hasn’t been known for being great at breadth. This is much more diversity than Apple’s ever had.” Rob Enderle is the technology analyst and is extremely experienced.

Tim Bajarin, who also happens to be an analyst said that Apple has realized that the company can only grow with a recurring revenue model. He said, “It’s just becoming clearer today that the only way a company is going to grow is by adding a recurring revenue model. Apple is becoming an aggregator of content. They now have multiple services that will help them grow their bottom line.”

That said, the company is currently looking at this from afar. Looking at it and executing it is a different thing altogether. The company will have to understand the goods and the lows of these businesses and its lack of experience will be something to watch out for.

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