Apple buys PullString, the company behind Barbie’s voice tech, to enhance Siri

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Apple is a company that is looking to enter all kinds of businesses right now. It is developing software for smart cars. It is working on its own cars while trying to make phones that are only screen and nothing else. It recently hired an ex-Microsoft exec to lead its smart home side of the business. There are multiple things happening at the moment. The company is looking to bring back the lost market and that is the reason there is so much movement around Cupertino.

Apple takes huge pride in developing Siri the way it is right now. It is one of the most obedient personal assistants across platforms and works like a charm on iPhones. It is a great feature to have as you can totally use the phone hands-free. Siri is also a lot more entertaining and interactive than other personal assistants. The voice recognition of Siri is also outstanding. It cannot be bypassed. That said, Siri has a huge role to play in the near future for Apple. The company is trying to bring out a full range of products for its smart home business.

That said, the company recently bought Barbie voice tech firm. The voice tech firm goes by the name of PullString. They bought the company for $30 million. However, it is unclear as to why the company was bought and how Apple is going to fit its huge ideas into such tiny tech. It surely has no intentions of entering the toy world or maybe it does, we would never know.

Apple, however, is looking to make Siri as intelligent as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. It is falling far behind them right now when it comes to intelligence. That said, the company must have bought PullString to pull some strings in that department. The need is unclear but the company has splashed a huge amount of money to bring out the best of Siri.

There are rumors that Apple requires better voice interaction in HomePod. The fact that it is falling behind in a technology which it has transformed with Siri is too hard to swallow for the company. The acquisition comes in when they have hired Sam Jadallah, the ex-Microsoft exec. That said, the company is looking for better tech to support its smart home side of the business.

Apple might also bring out applications powered by Siri with the help of PullString. The company might fancy the idea of educating kids but it seems farfetched. There must be a hidden hint which everyone is failing to see. But it will be a good surprise if they manage to really help themselves up from the slump right now.

Apple fans also want a better phone than they have currently and Apple has failed to surprise the fans with new technologies. PullString might not play a role in this but they might improve Siri which in turn might improve the experience of phones.

-Unmesh Phule

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