Digi Police, the Anti-Groping Mobile App in Japan

Screeenshot of the DigiPolice App on Google Playstore

Japan, considered one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, takes their technology very seriously. Moreover, it is also considered as one of the safest countries for women and they have proved it yet again with the Digi Police Mobile App. They respect their female population and thus they care for them even with technologies that the other countries can just dream of.

Women face sexual harassment everywhere and it happens very often with them but due to certain reasons, there are rarely any actions against the mishap. Women don’t raise voice against the incident due to a feeling of embarrassment. Japan, even though a very safe country for women, have some ill elements of the society that harass females on public transport. Digi Police, an app developed by the Japanese police is becoming popular amongst the women trying to protect themselves from gropers on over-crowded trains and buses.

The app was actually issued three years ago by the Tokyo police. The function to frighten the molester was embedded a few months ago. With the addition of this feature, there has been an increase in the number of downloads. It has reportedly been downloaded hundreds of thousands of time, which is very unusual for a government-developed mobile application.

About the App

The victim can press a ‘repel groper’ icon and an automated message would appear saying ‘There is a groper here. Please help!’ With another press, the message would turn red and a voice in repetition would be generated saying ‘Please stop!’

The app consists of an alarm which can notify a designated email address when used. This feature can be used by children and their parents. The crime-prone areas and police stations on a map can be located by the user.

Groping is a very common form of offence done against women in Japan. Offences like groping, touching inappropriately are not taken seriously and are generally ignored. To remind the passengers that groping is a crime, several posters have been put at stations.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said 2,620 sexual crimes were reported in 2017, including 1,750 cases of groping, mostly on trains or at stations. Japan being a patriarchal country, the #MeToo movement could not touch Japan the way it did the other countries. It is a country where standing against such crimes calls for criticism than any support.

Women Safety in India

Women safety is a huge concern everywhere, not just Japan. India has also taken several actions for the safety of Indian women by introducing several women helpline numbers.  It is a serious concern in India which generally results in restricted freedom of movement. 7 years after the deadly Delhi Gang rape which had trembled the entire nation, very little seems to have changed. Women still live in fear of being touched inappropriately. There have been initiatives the Indian government but that has not brought much development for the safety of women in India. Even after so many incidents and initiatives taken for the safety of women, there seems to be no fear in the evil minds. With technological advancements and initiatives taken by the government, there is still a hope in the minds that would stand for their freedom. Applications such as these can help the women population in India as well.

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