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Android TV 11 Announced With New Privacy Features

Google introduced the Android 11 version for mobile a few weeks back. The version is already available Pixel users across the globe. And now, the TV version of Android 11 is rolling out. Google says the new Android TV platform gets improved privacy features, performance upgrades, and a lot of more help developers build the right app. Android 11 TV version also gets one-time permission access, which will allow apps to open quickly.

The interface changes are going to be similar to that of the mobile version. While the TV-centric changes include support for auto low latency mode and low latency media decoding.

It carries enhanced memory management to deliver a smoother experience on Android TV-based models. Android 11 also brings support for Auto Low Latency Mode as well as extended gamepad support. Additionally, Google has upgraded the Android TV Emulator to help developers easily test their apps for smart TVs.

One of the prime features that Android 11 carries over from its mobile-focused release to smart TVs is one-time permissions. This will let you grant third-party apps temporary access to your microphone and other hardware. The latest update also comes with the enhanced memory management to upgrade the performance on your smart TV.

Apart from the privacy and performance enhancements, Android 11 on Android TV brings support for Auto Low Latency Mode. This comes in handy specifically for games and video conferencing apps where low latency is valued over the best possible graphics. Developers will be able to leverage the new addition and enhance performance on their apps and games.

Android 11 also brings low latency media decoding to Android TV. It also carries a new Tuner Framework with updated Media CAS support and extensions to HAL implementation of HDMI CEC.

Google has also added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Steam controller to Android 11. It features a silent boot mode for system updates. Additionally, Android 11 brings a new feature called inattentive sleep that allows a user inactivity timeout to be set after which the device goes to sleep. There is also support for scoped storage that limits app access to external storage.

Android TV manufacturers using Android 11 will also be able to offer configurable wake keys and provide greater control over their TV functions. Similarly, there is a new framework functionality for managing system LEDs. Android 11 on Android TV also facilitates physical mute buttons for far-field microphone enabled devices. Furthermore, Google has brought a test harness mode on Android TV and Play Store support in the Android TV Emulator to let developers test their apps before making them live for public access.

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