Android 10 Launched by Google Initially for Pixel Users Will Come to Your Device Soon

Android 10 Launch

Android 10 is finally here! Google is officially releasing the final version of Android 10 to Pixel users beginning today. For now, it exclusively available on Google Pixel phones, though chances are that most of the phones that were supported during the beta phase will get updated to the release version pretty soon.

There are a few headline features in Android 10 beyond the new gesture system, including stricter permissions and privacy controls, a new “Focus Mode” for disabling distracting apps, simpler notification controls, better-integrated Play Store controls, and a new Dark Theme.

Some of the features that you can expect from Android 10 include:

The “Dark Mode” clearly the one feature everybody has been waiting for is here. The new dark theme is now ready for your night-time viewing, with the promise of improved battery life for your OLED phone and support from several apps like Photos and Calendar.

Another major change is gesture navigation. It’s essentially a tweak of the navigation system that launched with Android Pie. With simple swipes, you can go backward, pull up the home screen, and fluidly move between tasks. Though it remains as an option, you can still use the same old three-button navigation Android has long offered.

One of the most important updates will be invisible to most users, “Project Mainline” will allow Google to issue some critical security patches directly through the Play Store instead of waiting for manufacturers and carriers to distribute them.

An interesting addition is named “Live Caption” which will allow users to get real-time captioning for any audio or video on their phone. But unfortunately, it won’t launch until later this year, and it will be Pixel-only for a time.

A big highlight of Google’s latest product has been its attempt to address privacy-related issues. There are a couple of privacy and security features added, which includes the ability to only share location data with apps while you use them and a new Privacy section in Settings that gives you access to controls for managing your web and app history, as well as your ad settings in a slightly more prominent place.

Smart Reply feature will suggest you actions now. When someone sends you a message with an address or a YouTube video, you can open and navigate in Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube. Unlike earlier, no copying and pasting are required. A similar luxury is already available in iPhone iOS systems.

Further, While explaining its vision, Google added in the blog post “we focused on making your everyday life easier with features powered by on-device machine learning, as well as supporting new technologies like Foldables and 5G. At the same time, with almost 50 changes related to privacy and security, Android 10 gives you greater protection, transparency, and control over your data. This builds on top of our on-going commitment to provide industry-leading security and privacy protections on Android.”

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