Amul and Google India enter the boxing ring over fake adverts

Often we see fake advertisements online and fail to realize if it is really a fake advert or a genuine one. The Internet has some tricky customers, to say the least. There are a lot of easy ways to earn money but people will still use the unlawful paths and scams to earn money. Google is one platform where advertising is easy if you invest money, you can push your adverts and earn money in various ways. However, there are many genuine users of Google Ads but there are some who misuse it.

Amul being seriously backed by the government has a lot of might behind it. It is the company which started the White Revolution in India and comprises $3.6 million milk producers from all over India. Amul, the Indian dairy product-based company has allegedly accused Google Ads of running fake Amul advertisements. These advertisements were about opening up new franchises of Amul and the fact that they were fake made it worse.

These fake adverts were very confusing for the customers. They couldn’t really differentiate between the real and the fake ones. Amul had to make a different web page to mention the fake adverts and websites so that their customers don’t fall into the trap. These adverts when clicked upon fool the customers into paying money and a lot of money.

The fake advertisements on Google Ads were there in a lot of numbers. When clicked upon it asked for your name and number with your email id. Then the customers were called back and asked to transfer a sum anywhere between INR 25 thousand to a remarkable INR 4 lakhs ($7000 approximately). The transfer of the money was done through NEFT and when the money was transferred the phone numbers were ceased and all the contact was lost. There were multiple innocent victims who took their case to Amul’s sales team.

Amul had contacted Google several times since September of 2018 but nothing happened. Google India did not pay heed to their complaints. Now, Amul has sent a legal notice to Google India about these fake advertisements. It has accused Google of providing access to their Google Ads to anyone who comes knocking without doing any background checks. Not only this, but Amul also says that Google has benefited from the same. Not only Google India but Amul has also accused too for the same. Amul had brought this issue to the notice of Cyber Cell of Gujarat Police but nothing good happened through them as well.

-Unmesh Phule

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