Amidst Coronovirus Panic: Amazon Removes Overpriced Goods And Fake Cures

Amazon.in printed on a delivery box

Amazon has banned a couple of million merchandise which declare to guard in opposition to the coronavirus – and even remedy it. The on-line retailer instructed Reuters it had additionally eliminated “tens of thousands” of overpriced well-being merchandise from unscrupulous sellers.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed concern about some deceptive Amazon listings earlier this month, together with fake therapies. The virus, which causes Covid-19, has killed about 2,800 individuals worldwide.

A search for “coronavirus” on Amazon brought up results for face masks, disinfectant wipes and newly-published books on viral infections, revealing how some sellers are cashing in on the health crisis. It also offered results for vitamin C boosters – a fake cure for the virus that has been widely disseminated online.

Amazon has not provided a list of those products it says it has removed, but a BBC search for “coronavirus” on the online site suggests many products are still being sold at unusually high prices.

In one example, a 50-piece stack of surgical masks from one seller cost more than £170, while a popular alternative of the same product is on sale for approximately £36. Even that cheaper product has still risen dramatically in price since early January when it cost less than £10.

Some of those products are not even fit for purposes, such as disposable dust or surgical masks, rather than recommended protective equipment.

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