Ambitious Zomato looks forward to drone-deliveries in the near future

Zomato entered the Indian market as a restaurant finder application. It was a hit amongst the foodies of India and did well in its own sector. Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah solved a very naive problem for the people. Instead of struggling over the road to find a restaurant and then struggling over the menu to find the best dish, the duo just accumulated the data and combined it into a website first which turned into an app.

Foodiebay prior to Zomato was an instant hit amongst the users. In the November of 2010, Foodiebay was renamed to Zomato. The reason for this was to avoid confusion with a world-renowned e-commerce website eBay. By 2011, Zomato was in five major cities in India. In 2012, it was launched in six different countries and by 2013 in four more.

Come 2015, the restaurant finding app turned itself into a food delivering app. It introduced the feature on a different app called Zomato Order for Delhi NCR but now you can order from any of those two available. In the same year, Zomato expanded to 13 major cities across India. Not wasting any time, the app introduced online payments as well in July of 2015.

By September of 2018, Zomato has completed an astonishing 21 million monthly orders across India. And as of October 2018, the food delivery option is available across 62 cities in India, some of which are tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. This rise in the food delivery business has earned Zomato a lot of awards. That said, the app has not stopped its progress.

Zomato, in November of last year, introduced Zomato Gold in India. The Midas touch it has, worked wonders here as well. This feature proved to be a hit within the first quarter of the day. There were over 26000 subscribers in the first eight hours. Currently, it has over 500000 subscribers with 4000+ restaurants as partners within its Zomato Gold feature.

This Delhi based application is a company which is always looking forward and to new ways in food-technology. The food delivery app has made an ambitious acquisition in the name of TechEagle Innovations. TechEagle Innovations is an exclusive drone based company. It centers all its resources on developing drones. It was started in 2015 by IIT-Kanpur alumnus Vikram Singh Meena.

The company works on drones that could carry up to five kilograms of load. This shows the ambition of Zomato as well. The company is looking forward to drone deliveries in the future. This acquisition comes almost exactly a year after they acquired Runnr, a delivery startup. This is not the first time someone is looking at drone-deliveries. It was exploited before by Pizzeria but was shut down within days because of faulty execution and limited permissions.

Zomato has so far been successful with everything they have done. To get into this high-end technology and look at the future with such ambition and foresight is only characteristic of this company. It will be interesting to see how they fare from here on and how much time it takes before we see food flying from one end to the other.

– Unmesh Phule

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