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Amazon’s Payments service Amazon Pay incorporates UPI based interface

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Amazon in India is one of the biggest things when it comes to e-commerce websites. The company has literally outdone the Indian scene of e-commerce and it is now an all American battle on the Indian soil. The Indian consumers are being treated with utmost care and respect by the two American giants in Amazon and Walmart, however, Amazon might be a step behind Flipkart but when it comes to the overall business, it is surely a step ahead of Flipkart.

Amazon has many subsidiaries and consequent businesses in India, one of its most exploited business is Amazon Prime. Along with Amazon Prime, there are other things that need to fair better than they are and sighting this Amazon Pay, another service the largest company in the world offers is getting better. The company is trying to get it right with the payments app in India.

The payments version of Amazon has finally got the interface it was looking for. The Unified Payments Interface, UPI as it is known has been finally integrated into Amazon. The company has been looking at the UPI’s interface for a long time, a year to be specific. It was looking to get it done with the help Axis Bank but couldn’t because of RBI and NPCI. The two organizations put forth a demand to localize the entire database of their payment service plan. This is why the UPI incorporation took time.

Vikas Bansal, director of Amazon Pay, he talked about how the payments service is embedded in their app and websites. He said that will help the users to pay through their mode of payments. UPI allows bank transfers as well which is another feature added to the Amazon Pay services, the transactions which have been made will also be saved so that it will be easy to make recurring payments.

He said that all of that will increase the possibility of the service flourishing as the company is waiting to get the scale of adoption to increase.

He said, “We have a highly engaged set of consumers on the Amazon application. Since our payment products are embedded within the existing app, it can help the rapid scale of adoption. Now with bank transfers, we are bringing in more features. One can transfer through the virtual ID, through bank account details as well. We will store the recently-done transactions which will make it easier for the user to make recurring payments. We will be improving and strengthening our bank and NPCI integrations further to aim for a 100% success rate.”

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