Amazon’s partnership with Kerala government’s Kadumbashree project is a way to give back to the society

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Giving back to society is crucial for businesses as society sustains the business itself. A business cannot just rely on profits and one-way traffic. To be a long-term player and a household name a business needs to follow two-way traffic in any given market.

Amazon is doing the same to retain its top position in the e-commerce market. The Indian state of Kerala is known for its unique art in the form of dance, music and handicraft along with nature’s beauty such as the scenic backwaters and serene beaches. It also has some of the best cuisines in India due to the availability of some of the best spices in the country.

Amazon is the second most popular e-commerce platform in India after Flipkart. They have been trying hard to connect with the local population on a deeper level. They are now trying to work with the women of Kerala as an effort to give back to society and simultaneously gain popularity as well.

Amazon India has signed an MoU with the Kerala government for their initiative Kudumbashree. It is a poverty eradication and women empowerment programme implemented by the Kerala government. Amazon’s social work arm Amazon Saheli will be working with the government towards providing the state’s women with the necessary platform to showcase their skills and improve their socio-economic standard.

Amazon will support and train more than 4 million women from around 14 districts of Kerala. This project will help these women to reach out to the Amazon customers all over India. Kerala’s handicrafts are in great demand. Through the sale of these handmade products, the women under the Kadumbashree project will have a chance to earn good money with respect.

Initiatives such as these are really helpful not just for society but for the company as well. There will be a spike in the reputation of the company among the millions of users across India. We saw similar efforts put in by the company in the northern state of Bihar. Amazon signed an MoU with the Bihar Khadi association to promote their products on the platform which will improve the sakes of the Khadi industry and raise the socio-economic standards of the artisans.

There is a pattern visible in the functioning of Amazon. They are doing things differently than their archrival Flipkart. While the Indian e-commerce industry was dependent on deep discounts, the new e-commerce policy by the government tightened the knot on them. It has become difficult for e-commerce players to continue with the past strategy. This is why; the players have to think of new ways to keep the users engaged and attract new users as well.

Promoting indigenous products, arts and so on is the way that Amazon is implementing so that it benefits the company and the vendors alike.

-Soumya De

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