Amazon to launch its own Alexa powered airpods later this year Box on a table

Amazon is a company which has forayed into hundreds of businesses. The company has managed to make a market in almost everything it has entered into. It has tried to create its own marketplaces as well. The company has also failed a lot but some of its research has been world class and it has got Amazon into good positions. The same thing applies for Echo.

Echo speaker was a shot in the dark for Amazon, Alexa was either going to work or be a major flop, there was no in between. And surprisingly, it worked and it not only worked, but it also did wonders in the personal assistants business. Alexa is now one of the most developed personal assistants in the world and it has competition from Google Assistant but it is not as good as Alexa.

That being said, the Seattle-based company literally shot down Siri and Cortana. Apple fell behind in terms of that and now it is going to face the wrath of Amazon once again. This time, there are rumors that Amazon is going to launch its own airpods and the big thing is, they are going to be integrated with Alexa. Apple Airpods are industry leading airpods which are best in the market at the moment when it comes to sound and built quality.

Apple airpods even cost around $159 and $199. This price is extremely high when we compare it to the other airpods. That said, Amazon will surely undercut the built quality and there were be some insane surprises. That being said, the company is looking to bring out the best from these earphones. The pods are going to be filled with features. The gesture controls are rumored to be in there and Alexa will be activated when you say her name.

Alexa will tell you the weather outside, play music and call on your command. That said, the only problem Alexa will face is the connectivity issue. Apple airpods are connected to everything Apple while Alexa based earphones will have to put up with all kinds of devices. This is a headache the tech team at Amazon is trying to figure out.

The company has also made it clear that this is one of the most coveted projects. The research is done and the product is finalized and we might have Amazon’s airpods in our hands in less than 8 months from now. The company is going to launch the same in the latter half of this year and all the airpod fans might have options to buy from.

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