Amazon Makes A Device That Understands Emotions

Amazon Logo on a Samsung Phone

Amazon is a company of many faces. The company has managed to make its name through a lot of businesses and have managed to become one of the biggest company in the world, there is hardly anything left to explore, or is there? Well, that is a question which everyone needs to understand as Amazon is not stopping for anyone.

The company has been looking to get a lot of things under its belt and we have already seen how the company has faced till now. It has managed to hit the right notes almost every single time it has brought something out. However, there was a time when the company failed miserably and it was when it tried to make its own Operating System.

The operating system was to tackle the tech giants, Apple and Google. The world’s most valuable company wanted to uproot the domination of iOS and Android OS, however, that didn’t happen. Although there were some positives along the way and the money pumped in making the OS was then redirected to just developing Alexa. Hence, the amazing growth and popularity of Alexa over Google Assistant and Siri.

This is the reason we have so many devices from Amazon which are Alexa approved. There are even some wearables which come with Alexa and they just do not give up on it. Talking about wearables, there are a lot of things the company is doing and this thing with Alexa and the wearables is just amazing to know. However, for some, it might be frightening.

The device that understands emotions

Amazon is working on a device that is going to understand emotions. Yes, there is going to be a device that is going to keep our emotion data. This is going out of our hands and there are a lot of things which one needs to notice. A device with the artificial intelligence of sorts is going to understand human emotions and not only this, it is going to advise the human on how to interact with other people.

This is the most ironic situation one could ever be in. A device, which the humans are trying to make more and more relatable to humans, is going to help us interact with other humans. It is not even funny. However, this is just one side of the coin. To address the other side of the coin, people sometimes fail to understand the emotions they are feeling and most of the times overreact to certain situations.

This device might just be able to help humans out of these situations and be the perfect beings. This will make them perfect and eventually every human perfect and we will live in a perfect world. Okay, let us wake up from the dream.

The device is developed by Amazon and is codenamed as Dylan. There were inside people talking to ET and they requested for anonymity. The beta testing of the product is going on and it is still not clear as to how that is happening. Amazon might be testing the hardware differently and the software of understanding the emotion differently.


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