Amazon launched Audile in India. Instead of reading books just listen to them

Books are known as man’s best friend and are really the place to go for a lot of things. People read books to gain knowledge, to find peace amidst internal chaos and sometimes just for leisure reading instead of jumping off cliffs. For centuries or even millennia, books have been quite similar in terms of materials used and shape. However, this has changed significantly in the past decade due to the influx of technology. One can find books in the digital format, which allows an avid reader to carry an uncountable number of books in a device the size of a small notebook.


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce player and they have their own product called the Kindle. This device has a screen that looks like a normal paper and puts less pressure on the eyes as compared to the normal gadget screens. Amazon also has their collection of books where one can find millions of books from almost all the genres. A new product has been launched by Amazon that allows the readers to just listen to their books instead of actually reading it. This is a new method of reading. This technique was there since time immemorial though but it always needed two people. Instead of reading books, people now prefer to listen to books. Audible is Amazon’s service that has millions of books recorded in voice format and people can buy those audios and then listen to them just like a song. This way the reader has his/her hands-free and can do some other works too. This way is very convenient and people in the modern age will almost always choose convenience over effort.

by Abhishek Gopalkrishnan

India is home to some of the world’s oldest and largest human civilisations. Reading is a major part of Indians’ lives. The rapid growth of the technology sector has opened up ways for the global giants to enter the Indian market and explore massive opportunities. Amazon is highly successful in India and is currently in the second position after Flipkart in the e-commerce space. Amazon’s motive is to diversify its business in India and rope in more market share than the Walmart led Flipkart in India. Audible is one of the first audiobook services in India and certainly the best one till now. Amazon has offered services on a 30-day trial for all users and a 90-day trial for the prime members. After the trial version, users can avail the service for a recurring payment of $2.74 (INR 199) per month.

This new sector is growing in India as the youth that wants to read books does not have time (cannot dedicate time to physically carry a book to read). The audiobooks will be a huge respite for these readers. Moreover, this service will help expand their area of services in India and hence gain more market share in the future. Other e-commerce platforms in India lack these services and hence give an edge to the US giant in this huge market.

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