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Amazon India Makes Section Of Kindle eBooks Free

E-commerce giant Amazon has just made a new announcement for its users in the Indian market. As part of the announcement, Amazon has made a section of eBooks on its Kindle platform free. This means that Amazon Kindle India users can head to this section to download eBooks for free. The company indicated that this move is due to the ongoing global pandemic, coronavirus.

However, the company did share the details regarding the section. Amazon India users can install the Kindle app on their smartphones, tablets, or Kindle e-Readers to access the free content. Let’s check out the titles available in this section.

These eBooks can be accessed from the Kindle app available for Android and iOS. It’s also available on the Kindle eReader, and users can get the full list through this link. Amazon is offering Kindle eBooks from different genres that are available for free to read. There are children’s eBooks like Aesop’s Fables, Treasure Island, King Midas and more. There are some Kindle editions as well.

Interested users can head to the section to browse through multiple categories. The company is branding this section as “Read for Free”, a selection aimed at the user and their family. Browsing through the page, one can notice multiple different categories including books aimed at children, fiction, non-fiction, and classical literature. The page also featured graphic novels and books in other Indian languages.

Users can choose free books from English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Malayalam languages. Amazon India revealed that it teamed with “several publishers and authors” to create this section. As per the announcement, the selection also includes books on health, body, and mind.

Inspecting the page, we also see a banner that notes that Amazon Prime members don’t need to pay extra to read new eBooks. This indicates that you can subscribe to Amazon Prime membership to access a larger collection of books for free. It is also worth noting that this free offer is only available on the “Kindle Edition” of all the books. This means that you will be charged if you actually want to purchase a physical copy.

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