Amazon bring out their delivery ‘Scout’ which might replace their human delivery system

Amazon Echo with Amazon written on it

Amazon has won the most coveted battle of the world. It is now the world’s largest company in terms of revenue and has become the unparalleled king of business. It overtook Apple in a sense as the Apple managed to flunk in a way no one could. It has slipped to the fourth position below Microsoft and Google. That said, Amazon is not stopping even after its brilliant start to the year. The innovations are also not stopping as they are looking to eradicate one of its major expenses with robots.

Delivering a product to the consumers is a task which seemed impossible when e-commerce started. There were many complications but now it seems pretty simplified as it created a lot of jobs all around. The delivery fleets all over the world are pretty much perfect for Amazon, their logistics business is as strong as their frontline business. That has created stability in its business. That said, it is looking beyond delivery fleets now.

Delivery guys are nothing but human labor for the company. They have the ability to work but there come other things like complaints, pay hikes, strikes for pay hikes and what not. These are some of the negative things of delivery boys. Now imagine having robots in their place, no pays, no complains a usual breakdown here and there that’s about it. They might be more efficient than humans and this is where the company is looking at right now.

To add to your amusement, the company has already deployed a fleet of the delivery robots of the name Scout. Scout is a six-wheeled robot which is kind of cute in its appearance. It has been deployed in Washington in the posh area of Snohomish County where the average income of a family is about $150,000 per annum. The robot will travel on the sidewalks and deliver the products. Amazon is currently field testing the robots and there are around six of them.

These robots are erringly similar to the robots made by Starship Technologies in the year 2016. They also field tested the same for delivery and nothing else. That said, this might just be a publicity stunt from Amazon but their main aim for the year 2019 is Prime. They want to bring prime to the customers which have lesser incomes. They want to enter the houses which have incomes less than $40,000 per annum.

This is because analysts have predicted a tap out of Amazon Prime as it is not able to breach the lower income markets. Scout also doesn’t provide any help in this case because it is also operating in the regions where the riches stay. So probably Amazon is the company which offers services to the riches when it comes to the United States of America but it is trying hard to break into the lower income households and its plans would be worthy of knowing.

-Unmesh Phule

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