Airbnb To Write A Different Story As It Decides To Foray Into Streaming Services

Airbnb is having a great time in India

Airbnb is a company which has grown immensely in the last five years or so. The company has managed to put itself on the globe and is almost everywhere. Every nook and corner of the world is exposed by the company and has been a tough task for it to flourish everywhere but it surely has done the hard work. The online marketplace for people who travel and need a place to stay is something which will never fail if done right.

Traveling is something which can be compared to art, it is not everyone’s cup of tea but people who love it are truly committed to the idea. That being said, Airbnb is a traveler’s paradise. People love it when they get to travel and stay where the locals do at a price which is affordable. Airbnb offers a lot of things, from luxury villas to small one-room kitchen apartments. There is something that separates Airbnb from everyone else and it is the smooth service and the amazing job it does at fulfilling your wishes with the variety it offers.

That said, the company is now foraying into a business which is totally alien to them. The streaming service is where the company is going to go next and it is unknown to them. That being said, there are many companies entering this side of the business and there are many companies trying to make feature films and series. Airbnb, however, will have a different approach, it is going to use this medium to increase its current business. The way it is going to do is by producing content that is all based on travel. The company has already produced documentaries and a docuseries which have done quite well.

The streaming platform has a lot of potentials as almost all the production companies are coming out with their own platforms. There are a lot of things the company is trying to produce and having their own platform will help. Disney is having its own platform, Warner Bros is having its own platform and Airbnb is not going to fall behind. Even though it has a business which is way different from all these companies.

The company is going to run it like Airbnb Magazine and nothing else. It is going to make a series and movies with the help of some beautiful storytellers and that’s it. Storytelling and traveling coming together is a match made in heaven and this might be a right step. However, this is again going to be a brand strategy where Airbnb is going to promote itself. However, all the content seekers care is for a good story and a character that they can relate to and cry with.

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