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Air purifier market rising by 33% as India fights back air pollution

Person protecting himself from indoor air pollution

Air pollution in India is a scary scenario at the moment. The numbers are staggering to say the least. India is one of the most polluted countries in the world with nine out of ten most polluted cities being in India. The pollution is just present everywhere in the country. Out of 20 most polluted cities, India is party to 14 of them.

The worst hit out of those 14 Indian cities is New Delhi. It is ranked sixth in the most polluted cities in the world. There are 143 micrograms per cubic meter in Delhi. This is not the case during Diwali when there is a lot of pollution but during normal days. This situation in India is not because of the vehicles it has but because of the rural areas as well.

There are over 100 million households in India which use fuelwood and biomass. This is a decisive factor as these households cook on cookstoves which are traditionally known as ‘Chulha’. The burning of these stoves releases a lot of smoke and is very inefficient. There are wooden logs to burn fire which causes a lot of pollution as well.

A country with a population of over 1.3 billion people burns more than 200 million tons worth of coal replacement in fuelwood and biomass. Apart from this, cow dung and other agricultural waste are also burnt in India which causes pollution. Fuel adulteration is also one of the main reasons for this tragic rise in pollution. Indian taxis and auto-rickshaws are mostly accused of this as they add gasoline to the already low-quality fuel. The other thing is traffic congestion. This traffic congestion causes a lot of pollution because there are a lot of vehicles per kilometer.

This pollution has an adverse effect on human beings. As recorded, from 1990 to 2015 there has been a huge rise in the death ratio due to pollution. The number rose by 50% during that time. This calls for some remedies as India is in serious threat because of pollution. An air purifier might be that remedy this country is searching for.

The air purifying industry is growing rapidly. There are a lot of high and middle-class families opting for air purifiers in order to breathe in clean air. Air purifier market stood at just $46.45 million in 2016. According to certain reports, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the air purifier market is around 33% per year. With this pace, by 2022, the air purifier market will reach a total of $270.22 million.

There are major companies in the air purifier market like Kent RO, Eureka Forbes, Atlanta Healthcare, Xiaomi, Honeywell and many more. However, Godrej has come up with a fairly new idea. They have launched a luxury residence which will have, according to them, ten times better air quality than the normal conditions. There are different air purification methods used with one being the plantation medicinal plants across the whole property.

The towers in this vicinity will have high oxygen emitting plants against a green wall. Apart from this, there will be a centrally situated air purifier which will catch the bacteria. This will also stop them from breeding further and will cleanse the air. There will also be natural air purifiers like beeswax candles which help ionize the air. There will also be organic farming and organic food delivery at this place. There is rainwater harvesting, terrace greens, and centralized treated air in this facility. There are two, three and even four BHK flats up for sale. This residential project is situated at Gurgaon in Delhi.

– Unmesh Phule


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