Air Conditioners Reimagined in a Smart Way

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Don’t you always wonder what you must look in an efficient and smart Air conditioning system? Air conditioning as the words suggest it means improving the quality of air in space or environment as per requirement. Most of the Air conditioners today are acquired with widely distinctive features. Energy saving, better air purification, adaptive design, smart technology, cost-effective are mainly the features that one should look in the air conditioner one is buying. So why has suddenly air conditioner become hi-tech? Surprisingly the human body is slow combustion engine. It burns fuel (food) to generate energy for performing all human activities. With a comfortable environment, humans can work more comfortably and are likely to give more output. Air conditioning is not only required for household purposes but also in various other fields like the hospital, theatres, shopping mall, restaurants. So which are the integral and necessary features one should look in an air conditioner?

Energy Saving.

When we think of buying an air conditioner for the household purpose the first worry that arises in our mind are those high amount numbers that appear on the electricity bills. Here usage of the air conditioner is a major component in electricity bill. People are often confused about whether to buy spilt Ac, an inverter Ac or window Ac.  Electricity consumption is also one of the deciding factors for purchasing an air conditioner. The star rating is the process of measuring the energy efficiency of an appliance. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has started a new technique of star rating for the various air conditioners manufactured and sold in India called Indian seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ISEER). Higher the number of BEE or ISEER stars, the more efficient AC will run. There are numerous types and brands of Ac available in the market. The models such as Hitachi rsd517hbeaw (Toushi 5100x) are BEE 5 Star rated with ISEER 4.6 and power consumption of 1440 watts. Also, Carrier cai18es3c8f0 (ester 3i) is a good choice with reasonable price.

Better Air Purification.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) means the quality of air within the room and surrounding the room and structures. IAQ is directly related to the health of occupants within the room. Bad quality of air means negative effects on health. Some of the major indoor air pollutants are carbon monoxide (CO) which is an odourless, colourless and a toxic gas which is emitted from appliances, due it’s characteristics of being odourless and colourless this one can kill you unknowingly. The other pollutants are dust particles, dander from pets, particles coming from cracks of the windows which can reduce the quality of air. Due to this more and more occupant are looking for an air conditioning system that will eliminate these pollutants. Nowadays many AC comes with the best filters to eliminate pollutants. Some of the filters that are used are Viscous impingement filter, Dry filter, and electrostatic filters. The filters used in ICU and operation theatres are completely different from filters that we use for household purpose because these rooms need to be clean from all types of particles. Also, the quality of air differs from the type of industrial application as per the recommendation of the manufacturer of the product.

Smart Home Technology.

The smart air conditioning system is one of the biggest trends in the 21st century. Almost every consumer is attracted by the actuality that their air conditioner can be controlled by tablets or mobile. This growth is due to internet connectivity and smart home. There are many systems available in the market where we are able to control the ACs with help of Android and IOS devices. Imagine a day where the temperature is around 40o C, so instead of coming home to a scorching and sultry house in this temperature, you can use your smartphone while you are on the way to home, set the temperature according to you and you will come in a house with the cool and fresh environment! The model such as Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 is the best pick to buy in the smart air conditioner ranges. Similarly, the model LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM is also a good choice.

Adaptive Design.

Designing air conditioner is very important to make sure that you get the right system for your room. Factors that like size, shape, place, heating or cooling load are required. A model like Noria home is the next step to the smart, portable and slim air conditioner. This air conditioner is easy to install, takes less space in your window unlike another system, it also light in weight and smart control. Sometimes some of us need a personal air conditioning system for this purpose Evapolar has a developed a smart and personal Air conditioner. One can use Evapolar anywhere and anytime. Another factor for design is the location of the AC, for instance, the AC that is used in high humidity area comes with dehumidification process and the Ac that is used in low humidity area comes with humidification process.  For the reason that areas with high humidity, we need to reduce the humidity and vice-versa.

So above were some of the features that one should find in an Air conditioning system if they want to enjoy a relaxing and fresh stay after a tiring day.

-Raj Dholakia

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