After Flipkart, Walmart eyes Indian tech start-ups

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Original: Dailyhunt, July 10

Analysis: Walmart is not going to stop just after the Flipkart acquisition. They have further plans to acquire more Indian tech startups and hire huge number of Indian engineers especially from Bangalore.

We have earlier discussed the prime reason behind hiring more engineers in India by foreign companies especially from the US. The prime reason is that it is cheaper in India than the US to hire engineers and India has a huge pool of technical talents. Even if we see the large corporates in the world most of them are being currently headed by Indians or personnel from Indian origin.

India lacks product managers and Walmart is positive about hiring just few product managers from India. Walmart also raised concerns about the senior engineers lacking the understanding of scale. They feel that there are pretty good engineers but even when they reach senior positions they lack the skills to understand the scale and that is a huge downside of Indian engineers. Walmart seems to be quite happy with the way the Indian tech startups have performed in the last 4 to 5 years. The sheer number of Unicorns that India produced is really impressive. We have analyzed in the past 2 weeks that most of the Indian tech startups have received huge investments from mainly Chinese and American tech giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Amazon etc.

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