A website that creates faces which do not exist; is this another different face of AI

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something we are hearing a lot. There are things you need to understand when it comes to AI. Firstly, it has its own brain. Secondly, it exists for us and to reduce the human effort of any kind. Thirdly, it is not aware of itself yet. Fourth, it should never be aware of itself, otherwise, we will have another ‘Skynet’ on our hands. The last thing is that AI is as dangerous as it is useful to humans.

There are people making ridiculous technologies in the Artificial Intelligence field. There are websites trying to make things which are really of no use or just could be used for criminal or indecent purposes. There is a website named which really means that it creates faces of people that do not exist. The website has injected a lot of real faces in their software. The software analyzes the faces or photographs and understands the human face. It then creates faces of people that look like normal people but they do not exist.

This is absolutely creepy. There can be so many misuses of such technology. There are a lot of other things which need to be done but this kind of technology just puts you off. These faces when looked at feel like real people and when we realize that there is no other person that looks like this, it becomes scary and impossible to comprehend.

The creepiness of the website is hidden in its simplicity. The home page is everything. There is a face of a person smiling and that person does not exist. If you hit refresh, there is another person smiling at you and even that person does not exist. The fact that we cannot really confirm is something which makes it even creepier.

The use of this kind of AI can be absolutely negative and nefarious. Many criminal organizations could release images as criminals by creating one from this AI and the police won’t know. There are more negative uses of such kind of tech than there are positive. These things when bringing them into the world or exposing them to the whole web is very dangerous.

The website uses Nvidia’s StyleGAN. The researchers working on it have also installed software which can generate cat faces and even cars. There are some things like bedrooms. However, such technology can be used to make people promote things like Deep Fake. Deep fake is something where people confess to things they have not really done. In this case, it will be people who will fake of being a person who does not exist.

However, this has been our relationship with technology. It has always been of love for some time and then hates. We love how they reduce human effort and then we hate how they can be creepy and scary. It will always be like that and machines will always be in both the columns for humans. However, it is in our hands to keep them in the love column more than in the hate column.

-Unmesh Phule

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