A Samsung phone will finally don one of famous notches

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Samsung is a company which totally depends on its innovation and execution. It has always led the battle of newness in the smartphone market. While stretching the boundaries for bringing in newer technology they have managed to maintain the quality of their products. The company has always considered Apple as their biggest rival and no one has really managed to beat the smartphone business of Samsung. They have always led the way in all the departments of innovations.

Samsung was the first device in the world to bring the concept of infinity display to the consumers. They had created a phone which was mesmerizing and was outlandish for all of us at the time. Then followed a series of smartphones from different companies trying to mend their devices and recreate the thing. The infinity display is what the companies are still craving and not many have achieved it. Samsung also has a bezel on the upper side and it was more than happy with that bezel instead of a notch.

That said, making fun of Apple and building on that has always been Samsung’s game. It first came into the picture with its Galaxy phones by advertising it by casually making fun of Apple’s iPhone. That said, it is still doing it, the day Apple launched their phone was the day Samsung plotted the launch for their next one. They made fun of the notch, they said that they were happy with a small bezel and never implemented it in any of their phones.

Notch was followed by almost every smartphone maker out there, Samsung is an exception. It was the trend of 2018 and no one left that stone unturned. There were fewer bezels, screens were larger, headphone jacks were off the chin and many other things changed in the smartphone business but Samsung never introduced a notch of any kind.

However, Samsung has defied itself this time around. It recently announced a ‘Millennial’ series for the people who became adult after the turn of the century. The M series as it is supposed to be called is going to don a teardrop display. Samsung is going to launch three of these phones and all of them are going to have teardrop displays and which is actually a notch. They are going to call it an infinity-V display in line with its infinity-O display which will be instilled on their newest flagships.

They may call it a different type of infinity display but Samsung will boss a notch after all. It was the only company to be devoid of the famous notches but now will have one on its latest edition in 2019. The M-series will be launched in India and is here only to dislodge Xiaomi of their first place. That said, the punch-hole display is going to cause a storm in 2019 and will be seen in many phones in the upcoming year. It might be better than the notch but it will only depend on how the consumers take it.

-Unmesh Phule

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