A Kid’s Genius Idea: A Washing Machine that runs without Electricity

Darshan Kolhe’s invention is a saviour for many Indian households

In an era of advancements in the electronic appliances, appeared an innovation so simple yet effective and efficient. Washing machines have become an undetachable part of our lives. In recent years, we have seen numerous developments in the washing machines’ working. These machines work on electricity but this a school kid from Madhya Pradesh, India thought of changing that.

The more electricity we use, the more we pollute the environment. This is the reason that Darshan Kolhe invented his mechanical washing machine that works just like a bicycle. He used an old cycle and a recycled drum for making the machine. The drum is attached to the cycle in place of the rear wheel. One needs to put clothes along with the detergent and water in the drum. The next step is to pedal just like a cycle. This will wash the clothes as in a front load washing machine. This machine also comes with a drying option. For this, one needs to drain the water and spin the drum as usual. A complete washing experience without any harm to the environment is achieved through the kid’s innovation.

Countries such as India, China and the US are some of the largest polluters in the world. They need innovations such as these to curb their carbon footprint. Technology companies might have an eye on this innovation to develop a more advanced, commercial and a more durable version of the product. This product helps in keeping the user fit too. This might be a stepping-stone in the cleaner washing machines segment. The machine uses inexpensive materials and hence makes the machine extremely affordable. This machine is extremely useful for Indian households as there is still a deficiency of electricity in Indian villages and suburban towns. People could use this mechanical human-powered machine to get clean clothes easily.

-Soumya De

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