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95% South Indian homes have TV

TV in India

Television is one of the basic household electronics purchased by Indians. It has been found that the first electronics appliance that an Indian household purchase a television after receiving electricity connections in their homes. Considering the massive population that India has, the market it can provide automatically becomes magnanimous. Indian households offer one of the largest markets for the consumer durables and consumer electronics in the world. Television is the most sought-after consumer durables goods in the country.

India’s economy differs from region to region. This is clearly visible in the BARC survey reports where 300,000 households were taken into account for carrying out the research. The reports show that % southern states of India namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka constitute for more than 30% of the entire TV ownership of India. The TV penetration in all of India stands at a mere 66% whereas in the South it is at 95%.

More than 95% of the households in the Southern states own a TV with the numbers soaring as high as 259 million. These numbers start decreasing as we go to the north of India. The major reason for this difference is the economy. The southern states are economically better off than most of their northern counterparts. One other reason is that the electrification in the southern states is at a whopping 99.9%, which is necessary to own a television set.

The survey also shows that the southern states own more home appliances than other parts of the country. However, the difference in ownership of home appliances between the affluent, middle class and low-income households remains high. A rich household has almost one TV per 2 members, whereas, in the low-income households there is almost 6 people per TV.

The cheaper TV prices, easier setup and digital content through OTT platforms rises the hopes that there will be a significant increase in the TV penetration in India just like the smartphone sales.

-Soumya De

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