Microsoft, Google and Amazon: The global giants joining hands for the greater good

The world is controlled by the corporations rather than governments in the modern day and age. The transnational corporations have a bigger control over public data, common conscience and popular choice than most governments around the world. Often, these corporations are criticized for having a profit-making motive which causes the common people to suffer but it needs to be understood that they are not doing business as a social service. However, There should be a balance between the profits a company makes and the amount it gives back to the society as the society is the users from where these companies get their money. There have been quite some occasions when these corporations act towards a common good.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are some of the world’s most valued companies and they have immense amounts of data with them. They have joined hands to fight Famine, which claims thousands of lives around the world each year. The plan is to use big data to identify a famine like a scenarios even before it hits a region. Using these predictions, the companies could then launch a funding campaign to either stop that or start relief operations in the region. The Famine Action Mechanism (FAM) will provide early warning signs to identify food crises that could become famines, and trigger pre-arranged funding plans to allow early intervention. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be playing a huge role in the project and it is believed by the companies that they will be quicker than the World Bank or any United Nations Organisation body in identifying a famine hit region.

Technology around us is developing at a pace that it is difficult to keep track of. If these technological advancements are used rationally and for the betterment of this world, the world would surely be a better place to live in. Global corporations such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, which have in their ambit humongous amounts of data can help identify global issues and rectify them fast enough t make a difference.

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