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2018 was the key year of changes for Hisense, how it will transform in 2019

China celebrated its 40th anniversary of Economic Reforms and Opening up of the economy. 2018 was also the year of celebration for the entire Hisense Group as it was the crucial year for the company’s restructuring. During the year, Hisense Home Appliances Group organized many major events, made many changes and achieved relatively smooth development goals.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the employees and partners who have made efforts for Hisense Home Appliances Group. Thank you for your concerted efforts to achieve a common “home” dream.

Last year, “Hisense Kelon” has been upgraded to Hisense Home Appliances Group. Hisense, Rongsheng, Kelon, Hitachi and York 5 major electric appliance brands “group army” went hand in hand; in the first three quarters of last year, Hisense Appliance Group realized operating income of about 28.8 billion Yuan, net profit was 1.02 billion Yuan, up about 9% and 12.9% year-on-year respectively, and the transformation of the home appliance industry was smoothly promoted.

Facing the future, our new round of strategic change is on the way. It is challenging the new development goal of 180 billion Yuan in 2025.

When the economic transformation of home appliances has entered a deep adjustment, as a national enterprise and a responsible manufacturer in China, the reform of Hisense Home Appliances Group had a pressure, in turn, was the driving force also. This is the era in promoting our progress and also Hisense Home Appliance Industry’s transformation and development of combat effectiveness.

So, what should Hisense do in the future?

Facing the unpredictable market environment of 2019 and the new anchor point that Hisense Group will celebrate its 50th anniversary, we must all think about Hisense’s new challenges and new hopes. In fact, any organization should think about a few issues:

  • Can you survive?
  • Can you continue to survive?
  • Can you improve survival?
  • Can you survive long?

Can you survive?—— Depends on the management foundation

The competitiveness and efficiency of the entire organization is the cornerstone that determines whether we can live. In 2018, we made so many changes, such as strengthening price control, maintaining market order, and promoting information construction, all to make the organization more dynamic and efficient. In 2019, in order to make the organization more dynamic and more efficient, it is necessary to constantly change and make in-depth changes. In particular, leaders and managers must take the initiative to embrace changes, and become the active driving force for a change, rather than doomed to be eliminated by the times of resistance.

Can you continue to survive?—— Inheriting a healthy style and morale

The style and morale of the enterprise is the internal fundamental factor that determines whether an enterprise can live, especially, our marketing generals, always face the great pressure of market first-line market competition, and bear the important mission of continuous growth of performance. First of all, we must inherit Hisense’s healthy corporate management style and good management morale, adhere to a diligent attitude, persist in the morale of advancing difficulties, and persist in the fighting spirit of brave swords. For the goal of living, we can never forget the hard work!

Can you improve survival? —— Dare to innovate and dare to change

Dare to innovate and dare to change is a very important point that allows us to live or live well. This kind of change in products is to have good technology and good products that are differentiated and leading to the market and users. Starting today, we must completely eliminate the solidified thinking that has long been hidden in our hearts, believe in change and practice change, and let innovation develop into a new habit.

Can you survive long? —— Stick to Hisense Culture

If you want to live for a long time, you must stick to Hisense culture. Because we adhere to the culture of integrity, in 2018 we resolved to regulate and control prices, strictly control over-expenditure, and establish an orderly market order. Adhere to the principle of technology, adhere to quality, and adhere to respect for people. Therefore, we must adhere to long-term interests and long-term development, rather than short-term gains and losses. This requires respecting both the interests of users and the growth of employees.


Being able to survive, to improve survival, and to survive for a long time; is the common pursuit of our company. By 2025, we will create a sales scale of 180 billion Yuan and take on the important historical mission of the future transformation, development and sustainable development of Hisense.

It requires:

First of all, we must take the user-centered market transformation, combine technological innovation with market innovation, fully understand the demand and create demand, so that we can truly break through the bottleneck, reach the blue ocean, and discover the source of our continued growth.

Secondly, we must carry out organizational change with competitiveness as the foundation, and let the organization have the vitality, efficiency, healthy style and morale, and the courage to dare to innovate and change!

Third, we must change ourselves in the direction of common struggle dreams. Everyone should sort out and learn the main ideas of Hisense’s home appliance 3.0 strategy, get out of the small, see the big picture, and integrate the self-centered achievements with the big goals of the enterprise. Wisdom treats the business and treats life. While helping Hisense become a great company, we should also make great careers.

Finally, I hope that every Hisense person will make himself more stalwart, more confident and full of power, and make the organization more energetic. To change, to survive, to make mistakes, to fall, to struggle, to win, to create greater glory!

-Jia Shaoqian [President of Hisense Home Appliances Group]

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