1000 electric buses to hit the Delhi streets by the end of 2019

Bus blurs past a bus stop

Delhi is a city which is suffering from severe pollution and has a problem of people dying because of it. The capital of India has had this problem for a long time. It is one of the most polluted cities in the world and that needs to be addressed sooner. There are various efforts taken by the government and also by the citizens of Delhi. People there need to use masks to keep their health in check. That needs to be stopped.

Delhi has been in news for its pollution more often than not. It has been fighting it for a long time and has been looking at certain solutions as well. The majority of the pollution that takes place in Delhi takes place because of the vehicles and the gases they emit. The emission of these gases is what needs to be stopped and the government is trying to do it.

That said, Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal made a huge announcement a couple of days ago. He announced on Twitter that the Delhi cabinet had cleared a proposal of 1,000 Low Floor AC Electric Buses. This a massive news coming from the Capital as these buses might help carry the 430 thousand people who use public transport daily. This number is larger than the 230 thousand people who travel by metro every single day.

Delhi CM tweeted about the same. He wrote, “Congratulations Delhi. Cabinet approves 1,000 electric buses. Several obstacles were created. All obstacles cleared. Delhi will become the first Indian city to have such a large no of electric buses.” While CM congratulated Delhi, Transport Minister talked about the historic day. He tweeted, “The Delhi cabinet clears proposal of 1,000 Low Floor Electric Buses – greater than the commitment of all Indian cities put together.”

The Transport Department also made some things clear. There are about 1000 buses that will be deployed for the service in parts. The first of those deployments will be on the roads before the end of 2019. A statement from the Transport Department revealed things on similar lines. These buses will be parked and charged at Parent Depots. These depots will be specifically created for this.

The charging of the buses and the infrastructure of the same will be in the hands of the company with the winning bid. The statement read, “The first lot of electric buses are expected to hit the streets before the end of 2019. Creating sufficient capacity in the public transport system is the only way to reduce air pollution in Delhi and bring down the number of vehicles on the roads of Delhi to reduce congestion.

“However, infrastructure for charging of electric buses within the depot and the housing of requisite numbers of charging units shall be the responsibility of the Concessionaire. The arrangements to provide power infrastructure at intermediate charging points along bus routes (called host depots) will also be the responsibility of the Concessionaires,” the statement added.

-Unmesh Phule

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